Our Vision

Miami Gold Supply was founded in 2016 with the vision of redefining the bespoke jewelry industry, envisioning new ways of offer an unparalleled client experience. From exotic materials to eclectic designs, our team of jewelers and artists works with you to create the jewelry of your dreams. 

“Your jewelry should be as unique as you are”

Jewelry is an extension of ourselves. As old as time itself, jewelry provides us with a way of expressing our our individuality. Our craftsmen and craftswomen take the utmost care in designing and creating each piece of jewelry to stand as a masterpiece amongst the rest. 

“Jewelry isn’t just to be worn, it’s to be experienced”

The shimmer of a diamond caught in a ray of light. The natural radiant beauty of gold. These experiences are timeless, and embody the essence of nature. When you wear your jewelry, you’re surrounding yourself with the intention and energy of life itself.